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FAUST CTF 2017 Smartmeter Writeup

08.06.2017 by Markus&Ben

While during the CTF, we merely exploited a single vulnerability in this service, we nevertheless took a deeper look into all vulns it contained.

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FAUST CTF 2017 Doodle Writeup

02.06.2017 by Ben

Although we were a bit late to the party of exploitation, I nevertheless liked the idea behind doodle's vulnerability, so I decided to do a write-up (even if there is not first-blood money coming...)

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FAUST CTF 2017 Smartscale Writeup

01.06.2017 by Oliver

Having achieved first blood for this service in the FaustCTF 2017, we, the Saarsec team and in particular the subteam that cracked this service, were given the opportunity to provide a write-up for the Smartscale challenge. Hence. in this write-up we will explain how Smartscale works and how to attack and defend it.

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