Schwenk and pwn

saarsec is a Capture-the-Flag team composed of students and researchers from Saarland University. It is supported by the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security.

The team was founded at the end of 2014 and made its debut at the 2014 UCSB iCTF where the team scored the 10th place (out of 92). Since then, both the number of participants as well as their expertise has increased steadily. In 2015, saarsec scored the 3th place at the RuCTFE and the 2nd place at the iCTF. They were invited to the 2016 RuCTF in Ekaterinburg, Russia, where they reached the 2nd place.

saarsec combines all fields and levels: Security enthusiasts from 1st semester students to research group leaders are working together as part of the team. Their fields of study range from Malware Analysis over Mobile and Web Security to Privacy Engineering.