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ASIS 2018 Finals WriteUp Gunshop

27.11.2018 by alfink

The ASIS 2018 Finals had some awesome challenges. One of them is the Android reversing and web challenge Gunshop. It was a lot of fun to use ARTist, an Android instrumentation framework, to leak the AES key, intercept https traffic and bypass custom certificate pinning.

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RuCTFE 2018 WriteUp Radiowave

24.11.2018 by Ben & Johannes

We only managed to exploit the easy flaw in the CTF itself, but could not go after. Finally, we found the second bug and managed to build an exploit.

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RuCTFE 2018 WriteUp Laberator

18.11.2018 by Dennis & Ben

This service was once again one of those where it took us too long to write the exploits.

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