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ENOWARS 3 WriteUp explotify

10.07.2019 by Ben, Johannes & Olli

Explotify was a Python service at ENOWARS 3 in July 2019. Summarizing, it was a Flask-based app, which used two database backends - a SQLite database to store user credentials and information, and a MongoDB to store information about generated songs.

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FAUST CTF 2019 WriteUp 2fapache

30.05.2019 by Olli & Johannes

Two-factor enabled webservice we managed to score firstblood during FAUST CTF 2019.

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Midnightsun CTF 2019 - bigspin, marcodowno, marcozuckerbergo

08.04.2019 by alfink

We solved three web challenges in the 2019 Qualifier of Midnightsun CTF including an interesting challenge about nginx and a couple of XSS challenges.

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